Kuwaiti Journal of Health Care Management 2013;1(1):5-7
Research Article

Measuring Quality of Care Using a Vignette-Based Survey in Turkish Hospitals

Ayşegül Yıldırım Kaptanoğlu*, a and Ilknur Aktaşb

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Purpose: Clinical vignettes are cost-effective tool for clinical managers. They offer opportunities to discover nuances in the clinical decision-making process. This clinical vignette-based study demonstrates actual variation in practice and advocates standardization in health care delivery. Methods: Two public hospitals were randomly selected from general public hospitals located in Istanbul. The vignettes used in this study include particular open-ended questions to elucidate the perspectives of surgeons and internal medicine physicians. Results: Analysis showed that vignette-based surveys produce effective measures of quality of care. Statistically significant differences were found between care provided by internists and surgeons. Findings were consistent across all hypothetical vignette scenarios and were independent of case complexity. Conclusions: Use of vignettes provides cost-effective decision-making opportunities for clinical managers. Furthermore, clinical vignettes are simple and economical tools in measuring physicians' productivity and quality.

Keywords: health care quality, clinical vignettes, Turkish hospitals

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